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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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jasdz. >> i'll start it. you finish it. go ahead, make my day. >> clint eastwood takes the stage on the last night of the republican national convention. good evening. >> even with that star power, the night still belonged to republican nominee for president mitt romney. mark matthews is live tonight in florida with the final night of the convention. mark? >> it was not the barn burner we heard last night from paul ryan. it was almost as though mitt romney had a list of things he needed to check off and he did. >> mr. chairman and delegates,
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i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [applause]. >>reporter: we were told mitt romney would say a little about his faith. he did. >> my friends care more about what sports team we follow than what church we went to. >>reporter: he appealed to women by talking about his mother's independence. >> i can still see her saying in her beautiful voice why should women have any less say than men about the great decisions facing our nation? [applause]. >>reporter: he said americans have been disappointed by the president. >> you know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. >>reporter: he finished with his vision of the future should he win. >> we will champion small businesses. america engine of job growth reducing taxes on business not raising them. means simply finding and modernizing the regulation that hurt small business the most.
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and it means that we must reign in the sky rocketing cost of health care by repealing and replacing obama care. [applause]. >>reporter: for his supports mitt romney speech more than covered the bases. >> we didn't apologies for success. we sell brit success. he's success. we need him. president romney. >> incredible speech. off the chart. laid out a clear vision for where the country is to go. >> the economy and jobs being the found diagnosis of what makes america great and ability to start a business and pursue your dream that was probably my favorite part. >>reporter: one interruption during the speech pro-testtors held up a couple banner but majority in the hall it was a momentary distraction. in a long night of celebration. >> crowd loved it as you can see. tonight they are tearing up the floor cleaning up the place moving out. quick note
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on the protestors. benjamin and ray avila of san francisco code pink were 2 of the protestors escorted out of the hall. tomorrow mitt romney and paul ryan are calling a fair well and victory celebration here and then final two week of the campaign. reporting live from tampa, abc 7 news. >> all right mark thank you. >> of course mark will be live next week from the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. you can follow him on twitter at matthew abc 7 or go to our facebook page. >> well hollywood heavy weight clint eastwood riled up the crowd before romney took the stage. standing next to empty chair eastwood carried on a conversation with an imaginary president obama. >> and then i just wondered all these promises and then i wondered about, you know, when, when the -- what?
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what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. can't do that to himself. you are absolutely crazy. >> you are getting as bad as biden. >> now as clint eastwood was speak to go social media was oscillating up before he even finished already twitter accounts for clint chair and invisible obama which already has more than 30,000 followers. and the abc 7 news facebook page heating up as well. laura said this good bad and stupid. randy said this shows why he quit doing comedy since the da days with the orangatan and elizabeth said he made my day. >> hantavirus at yosemite sicken 2 more people. that brings the total infected to 6. with two fatality. at least 5
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of the people stayed in the tented cabin in curry village. park officials closed 90 of the contain. they are in the process of cleaning them and ceiling off areas where mice can get in. the virus is spread through rodent droppings and inhaled from dust. one of the fatalities was a man from alameda county. >> tonight firefighters in san jose worried about one of their own. frank ryan had massive heart attack fighting a fire at church today and right now he's in a medically induced coma in san jose lisa is this live with the latest on his condition. >> frank ryan first came to the emergency room behind me and now in stibl condition in the icu. firefighters have been coming through here all night long. say they will stay by his side until he wakes up. >> this is very serious condition. this is exactly what we do with our job. put yourselves at risk he have day. our hearts are broken for this man that is down. so i'll give
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you more as soon as i can. okay. >> the pain and fear permeates this department. san jose firefighters frank ryan collapsed after fighting an aggressive blaze. inside st. patrick's before noon today. ryan went into cardiac arrest and suffered mainly heart attack. >> frank was in full arrest. means no pulse not breathing. it's devastating. >>reporter: once the fire was out firefighters rushed to their friends side. steady stream of support made its way to regional medical center intensive care unit where ryan is in a medically induced coma. >> know the outcome until brought out of sedation. won't note amount of heart daniel if there's any brain damage from the lack of oxygen. >>reporter: in ryan case the artery known as the widow maker was 95 percent blocked. heart attack no. 1 killer of
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firefighters. the director of regional cardio vascular service line explains why. >> they do such physical work. they are working in such high stress areas. they are wearing heavy gear toting heavy equipment. put the body at such extreme work load. >>reporter: specialist say the fact that ryan was treated and stabilize so quickly are good signs. >> frank ryan has been with the san jose fire department for 15 years. he's originally from southern california. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you lisa. oakland police are you you remembering latino immigrant who have been victims of sexual assault to come forward. as lillian tells us investigators believe many case have gone unreported because of fear within the community. >> he had me down and pinned against my car. >> maria doesn't want to be
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identified but feels compelled to share her story. she was sexually assaulted in oakland few months ago when she returned to her car after getting some taco. he was grabbing my hand. putting it in his private parts. >>reporter: maria went to police which investigators say is unusual because most immigrant latino don't. oakland police now trying to spread the word. encouraging victims of sexual assault to alert authorities. officers say there have been several aknack the fruitvale district over the past few months. most haven't been reported. in every case the victim was walking alone. >> there is escalating level of violence associated and the women have one individual has been hospitalized. >>reporter: rape counselors believe many women are targeted because they are here in the country illegally. tacker know there's a good chance many weren't come forward for fear of becoming deported. >> she lets im grant know those
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sexually assaulted qualify for immigration protection. >> she does have rights and that in this country a woman that is sexual assaulted is treated with respect and provided with a lot of service services. >> attractioner haven't been caught yet but going to police was worth the effort. >> i'm an example that when you good to the police nothing happens to you and they help you a lot. >>reporter: in oakland, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> update you now on story we brought you last night here. alamo man now charged with murdering his neighbor. according to sheriff's officials 59-year-old michael lint man struck 55-year-old man on monday during ongoing argument over property on stone gate drive. he hit her head on a driveway and later died. the neighbor being held on 1 million dollar bail. >> monsoon like thunderstorms pounded parts of southern california late today. flash flooding mud slides threatened homes in riverside county. no
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mainly damage reported, though. pelting rain hail forced the highway patrol to close some roads and highways. firefighters had to rescue stranded drivers. in los angeles county lightning strike also started several small brush fires. rising floodwater from hurricane isaac threatened to breach a mississippi dam tonight along the louisiana state line. as many as 60,000 people have been warned to be ready to evacuate even though isaac is now down grided the tropical depression. 700,000 people in the 2 states remain without power. flooding has left tens of thousands of rural gulf coast residents homeless. isaac is being blamed now for 3 deaths. more to come just ahead. search for bay area man who could be california next millionaire and the only clue into who he might be. >> san francisco to the rescue. community coming together to help iconic twins stay in their beloved city. >> plus the very latest on pair of dolphins stranded in a san
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francisco water way. all that coming up on "nightline". >> coming up next on night loo loon. in the aftermath of isaac. no question there are millions of people left with power down there. whole towns unwater. family rescued from inside their homes. we have a full report. i'm here at the republican national convention. republican national convention. i'll have the full
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>> well the search is on for the person who bought a multi-million dollar winning lottery ticket. lieutenant officials say it was purchased by this man at the quick stop in fremont. that's where amma is live tonight with very latest on the attempt to track this guy down amma. >> the jackpot was for july 27th, 52 million dollars. normally they don't look for enthusiastic quickly but woman thought she won but lost her ticket so she called the lottery office. and they checked the surveillance video realized she was not the winner because the winner is a man. take the a good look at the california lottery most wanted man. they are trying to find him because they believe he bought a winning lottery ticket
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here at the quick stop on walnut avenue in fremont. but he has yet to claim his prize. july 27th drawing was worth 52 million dollars. >> somebody buys a dollar ticket they think it's only fair to connect them with the wing. that's what the lottery is about. fine the dollar ticket they buy a hope and dream and of course i'm sure they are giving a lot of prayer they wake up the next morning winners. >>reporter: mystery man already tried to verify his ticket at several stores. but hasn't taken the next step. >> wondered if there was a miscommunication or doesn't know what's going on. or a problem. that's why we are reaching out and have him call me and we help him with the claims process. >>reporter: could also be a language barrier. he said the customer is a regular but he doesn't know his name. does he speak english. >> a little bit. >>reporter: with the winner still unidentified the rumor mill working over time. >> they said it was female then they said it was a male and then you keep hearing that it
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was someone that worked for kaiser and then we hear nobody has come forward. >>reporter: january thon work twos doors down from the quick stop at this music store. when he saw the sign going up indicating the winning ticket sold there, he got a little excited. >> for a moment i thought it could have been me because i bought a ticket the night before. unfortunately it wasn't. >>reporter: if you are the mystery man and you are watching right now, go to the nearest lottery district office. a little pocket change in your name. in fremont, abc 7 news. >> sure would be nice thank yo you. >> star studded fundraiser is happening tonight in san francisco to benefit 2 city icons. 85-year-old american brown the v.i.p. guest at this evening benefit at the red devil lounge on polk street. she and her sister are on tough times with her sister suffering alzheimer's and requiring special care. former go go guitarist and her friend dressed up as brown twins tonight. we caught up with marian earlier today. >> thank you to all of you
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beautiful san francisco who we have made our tragedy really so much more pleasant. >> lounge packed. every can dollar wristed goes to help pay for the twins. >> 2 dolphins making a south san francisco water way their new home at least for the time being. this is the second difficult in a row the pair seen swimming in this creek. marine mammal society tells us that one of the dolphins could be suffering from speed limit kind of skin problem but doesn't appear to be in any real danger so for the moment no plans to rescue the dolphins rate now. just hope they find their way back to open world trade center on their own. >> cooling down and perhaps even cooler for the wean. >> sandy is here with the forecast. >> that's right carolyn and dan. heat is going to take a holiday for the start of the weekend. one other thing. if you are heading to the beach this weekend tell you about a quick word of caution. not a wavrjt weather is really interesting here. southern hemisphere swell. basically
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generated by couple storms at the time south of us have create the lavrj south recall swell to chance of rip current around santa cruz natural bridge state beach, twin lake state beach and santa cruz board one if heading to the beach just watch out. word of caution once again. let me show you live doppler 7 hd now show you what it looks like from that perspective. deeper marine layer tonight definitely. look at the coverage. covering a good part of the bay area from santa rosa out towards oakland. solid along the coast line. 2000 feet and still getting deeper as it gets deeper everyone will start off with gray skies. temperatures right now in the 50's to 70 degrees in antioch and here are the highlights. low cloud and fog. cooler pattern next few days. temperatures rebound sunday and labor day. nice looking weather for the holiday weekend. make sure you bundle up. it's wide spread gray and
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cool upper 40's around napa santa rosa half moon bay to the upper 50's in antioch and you will see spotty drizzle near the coast that could slow you down as you head out the door. give yourself more time getting out the door or taking the kid to 62. deepening our marine layer brought our temperatures down today. this area of low pressure. it's going to continue to affect our weather. more cooling tomorrow today temperature low 90's inland. mid 50's coast side tomorrow you won't get out of the low 80'ss in the inland cell. tomorrow morning starting out with the wide spread fog low cloud. sierra nevada down in southern california again could see isolated thunderstorms. for us here more clouds and temperatures go down some more. 72 south by san jose tomorrow. peninsula 66 san mateo. 56 cool afternoon degrees in pacifica, daly city, 61 downtown san francisco up into the north bay 72 in santa rosa cooler than normal this time of year. 69 sap are fell. east bay communities 65 oakland
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castro valley, free mochbility inland area not really summer like. 79 in concord. 77 in livermore. occasional high clouds and for the monterey bay 61 degrees in monterey. tomorrow is a big night a's are hosting the boston red sox at 7:05. 62 at the start of the gym. breezy mostly cloudy. by 10:00 o'clock 58 degrees. before the game gets under way the a's will honor the petaluma national little league team and bundle up if heading there. cooler weather next couple days cooler than normal. low 80's inland. by sunday monday we bump you up into the mid 60's coast side low 90's inland nice weather for the labor day weekend. >> new app helps certain kind of car owner or >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> new technology turning human into avatar. >> my fellow americans it has been awhile since we have -- >> well that's not actually ronald reagan. according to the silicon valley business journal palo alto alter video to make people say anything. they hope to use the technology
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in advertising. so they could manipulate what they say. new app helping electric car owner electric car stations. more on the headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> right now time for sports. >> larry here. >> talking football. tonight game didn't count in the standings but it counts to the coaches. some plays for the 49ers that really opened some 49ers that really opened some eyes. sports is next
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>> good evening. 49ers wrapped up pre-season tonight. generally pre-season games are meaningless but some eye opening plays against the charger tonight. harbaugh had smith hand off if you times then turned the game over smooth and confident. escape the rush here throws on the run to walker. banged up. but he
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looks ready for the regular season. 32 yards for the touch down. friend nothing niners. 12 of 18. 158 yards. 2 td on the run again. threading the needle to jevrng ins. l wow! johnson hoping to solidify a spot on the 53 man roster. short pass to palmer who turns on the jets. 51 yards. niners 35-3. go 3 and 1 in the pre-season. open at green basement. >> felt good. felt good to typhoonally get a rhythm go out and just play. time like that can really get a feel of what the defense is trying to do and things like that. just good opportunity. tonight i felt like i went out and just playe played. >>reporter: raiders in seechlingts dan dresses when he goes to raider games. the mall too. the palmer didn't play. matt did. this is no the what he was looking for. too high. picked off. 3 of 11 for 14 yards. 13 nothing seahawks.
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dump off to cooper who dives in for the end zone and touch down. 19 nothing. fourth quarter raiders. tackle for a safety. the raiders lose this game 21-3. 1 in 3 in the pre-season open against san diego. giants continue to feel at home on the road tonight. biggest come back of the year after spotting houston 4 nothing lead. giant fans they are everywhere. pick it one the astros up 3 nothing. green opposite way. 4 zip. ryan struggle once again. gave up 4 runs in 6 innings. the win. but in the fifth. round to green who doesn't throw to anybody. that's why 40 and 91 is the record. giants ended up tying it and the base hit. score a pair to make it 6-4. the homer. giants sweep the astros 8-4. 4 and a half up on the donors who lost tonight. a's in cleveland. more paper bag than fans in the stands, no bain 0. 1-1 in the fourth. at
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the unloads with a triple. then in the sixth clint eastwood said tonight go ahead, make my day i'm going to talk to an empty chair. 27th of the year. a's sweep. face plant on an empty chair right there. won 6 stray. college football season kicks off tonight. watch this from the kent statement parker on the punt team. saw the ball hit the return man and recovered the fumble then starts running the wrong way with the ball. he took it back 58 yards and townsend players should have let him keep going but confused as well so they tackle him. he can laugh bit. kent state won the game 41-21. the 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> which way are we going. it was tremendous. >> thanks larry. >> that's this edition of the news. >> thanks for j
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